** Link to ALL photos for those of you that were on the trip- Click below!!


This last weekend, I took a trip down to Mexico with a team of 36 to visit our missions partner’s church. What a jam packed, awesome time we had! We made Christmas cookies, sang Christmas songs in Spanish while the kids had a riot dancing and being crazy, playing on the playset that our Jr High team cleared and built a while back, making Christmas crafts/ornaments to hang around the tree/building/to take home, American lunch, passed out Christmas gifts and of course a piñata!

For many kids that came, this was the only gift they would receive for Christmas. I loved communicating in what little “Spanglish” Spanish I knew, but found out I could communicate more than I thought.

It was incredible to see the high school students that went light up when they saw kids they knew from visiting to build the church in past years and how grown up they now were. The high schoolers also were in shock that there was now a roof on the church building as there was not before!

The border crossing was of course, not the best experience. Going there, one of our 3 vans was pulled over and inspected as the border patrol went through boxes containing gifts for the kids and thankfully only taxed us $150. I thought they were going to take the gifts, so if all we had to do was get taxed- fine!

Coming back was another 3 hour adventure.. We got out of the van and walked with the flow of traffic playing games, making other cars laugh, buying churros and sombreros.. Such fun times!

Needless to say, what a fun day filled with laughter, hope, love, smiles and Jesus! I’m constantly reminded that we are so privileged in our country and these beautiful humans only live less than 2 hours away from us. Thank you Jesus for safety and health.

Feliz Navidad!


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